Business & Group Cover




Individual executive and family plan

Flexible, long-term, annually renewable, international medical insurance plan designed for people living or working abroad (in most cases Home Country is included).

Cover for individual (including contract employees) or families/groups living or working abroad

Five cover options: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum

Optional add-on: Dental & Vision Care, Maternity, Global Personal Accident Plan, Global Daily Indemnity, Terrorism, Sports

Family premium covers first two children aged between 14 days and under 10 years at no additional cost for the first year

Freedom to choose your provider; Access to two extensive provider networks

Emergency Medical Evacuation and other evacuation benefits; Medical Concierge Program within the USA

Medical professionals to coordinate your care; 24 hour access to information

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Designed to give you the choice and flexibility to help meet your private medical insurance needs, wherever you choose to be covered in the world. Choose from an extensive range of cover options.

Cover for virtually any nationality, living or working anywhere in the world (in most cases Home Country is included)

Allows you a choice of either a Full Medical Underwriting Policy or Moratorium Underwriting Policy

Highly competitive choice of four sub-plans with many unique features and benefits

Plans fully portable within area of cover, plus freedom to choose any hospital, clinic or doctor anywhere within your chosen geographical area of cover

Free cover for the first child under 10 years of age – even if only one parent applies

Choice of GBP, Euro and USD currencies for payment and nine medical excesses

Optional ‘add on’ covers include Personal Accident Plan and/or Daily Indemnity Hospital Income Plan

‘Switch Terms’ available to assist transfer from other provider’s plans

Eligible charges for in-patient treatment will be paid direct to the hospital or provider in most cases

Affordable pricing with easy payment instalment options

24 Hour Emergency Medical Helpline – helping you with medical emergencies and evacuations worldwide

Easy to apply – no medical card required

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Provides low cost, in-country and regional healthcare cover to expatriates living and working in the Mediterranean countries of Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, Malta and Gibraltar. Also offers a 10% Introductory Discount and No Claims Discounts available up to 20% off renewal premium.

Flexibility and wide choice of three sub-plans, each with a choice of standard and premier cover options

Various discounts available including Introductory & No Claims Discounts

A wide choice of annual limits of cover available; Choice of excesses

Freedom to choose any hospital, clinic, doctor available anywhere within your Country of Residence or chosen geographic area of cover

Includes Home Country cover (assuming your Home Country is within your Geographic Area of Cover)

Ability to buy optional additional covers such as the Personal Accident Plan and Daily Indemnity Hospital Income Plan

Quick and easy to apply for cover, and in many cases it is easy to switch cover at renewal from your existing insurer to the Coversure International Healthcare Plan

Eligible charges for In-Patient treatment will be paid direct to the Hospital or provider in most cases

Affordable pricing with easy payment instalment options; Ability to pay premiums and receive benefits in £ Sterling and € Euros

Few recreational sporting restrictions

24 hour emergency medical and evacuation service

Fast and efficient in-house claim settlement

‘In-house’ medical staff to assist if you need Pre-Certification or help if you need to be admitted to hospital

30 Day ‘No Hassle’ Money Back Guarantee

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